Ignite Your Purpose – Dr. Sania Dookie

REGISTER to join us on November 7, 2023 for a presentation from Dr. Sania Dookie.

Life’s circumstances can sometimes throw us a curve and cause us to ask just exactly what direction God wants us to take in our lives. This session will help to reconnect you to the purpose God has placed in you. You will leave encouraged and activated to enter into your specific calling for this time. This session covers the spiritual implications of being called to a particular vocation. It helps you recognize the mental roadblocks we encounter, which discourage us and cause us to swerve from the purpose for which God has called us.

Dr. Sania Dookie has been supporting individuals of faith to reconnect with their God-given purpose, strengthen their spiritual connection with God, and live mentally and emotionally well. She is the founder of the Total Woman Inner Circle program for women. This is a space for women who are ready to build self-confidence, deepen their relationship with God and use tools and strategies to live well. Dr. Sania has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a provisional psychologist. She has been a psychotherapist for over a decade and currently practices out of their local practice in NW Calgary with her husband, a psychologist. Dr. Sania also serves as a Psycho-Biblical & Empowerment Coach to serve women of faith globally.