2017 National Conference

Posted Oct 29, 2017

This year’s CMDA Canada National Conference was another success. Over 150 members and guests attended, including a large cohort of residents and students. As we raised our voices in prayer and praise, it was hard not to be reminded of our theme: Singing the Lord’s Song in a Foreign Land. The song that we were being called to sing was not one of lamentation, but one of joy, gratitude and praise for God’s endless faithfulness. As children of a Good, Good Father, we were reminded by our speakers to seek out and dwell in God’s truth, to set down deep roots and become leaven in this foreign land. Our thanks to all those who gifted us with their talents and gifts, to the booths who shared witness to their mission work both near and far, and in a special way to our Toronto Local Planning Committee and their Circle of Friends, who through their diligent labour and their openness to God’s will shared with us a Conference after God’s own heart.