Dentists and dental students are an important part of the CMDA Canada fellowship. Dental students are members of our student groups across the country and attend our annual student retreats. Our annual Conference features topics and speakers chosen to help dentists and dental students to grow in faith and better understanding of how to live that faith out in their practice and daily lives.

In late 2021, CMDA Canada received a directed donation which was intended to enrich CMDA Canada’s ministry. A portion of this funding was designated to hire a part-time Dental Ministry Manager, whose role would be to manage and help improve our outreach and service to our dental members. In March 2022, Dr. Kate Brouwer, a practicing dentist who has a passion for Christian ministry, joined our National Office team in the Dental Ministry Manager role. To contact Dr. Brouwer email 

Listen to Dr. Kate Brouwer discuss her role as our Dental Ministries Manager and her plans for growing our dental ministry at CMDA Canada on the CMDA US podcast:

Canadian Christian Dental Ministry Launched

Dr. Brouwer has a featured article on the CMDA US Dental blog, which you can read here:

Authenticity, Mother Teresa and “A Really Good Apology”

Please enjoy the articles below from our dental members detailing how they live their faith in practice and contribute to Kingdom of God.

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The Patients Taught Me

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Making Time and Funerals

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Dental School – Thrive or Just Survive?

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CMDA Canada Dental Ministry

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From Dental School to the ICMDA

Elmer Thiessen Years ago, a dentist in our building was unable to sell his practice. […]

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CMDA Vancouver Dental Study Club

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