Annual National Conference

Past Conferences

Annual National Conference

Past Conferences

Annual National Conference

We are pleased to announce that our 2024 National Conference will be held in Winnipeg, MB. This Conference will be a joint conference with our colleagues at Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians and Societies. In the face of dark days where patient dignity is being assailed, we are moved to consider Christ’s response to those at their most vulnerable. The theme of this conference is “In God’s Image”, and the planned plenaries will address how to engage in patient-centred care that acknowledges the dignity and identity of patients as made in the image of God. We look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg in 2024!

2023 Conference

Videos from the 2023 Conference in Toronto are currently being reviewed and edited. Registrants will get early access




2020 AGM Presentation

Thank you to all who joined us for our 2020 AGM. We enjoyed a wonderful presentation by CMDA US past president Dr. David Stevens. You can watch the video on YouTube (linked above) or as an audio podcast.

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2021 Conference

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2019 Distinguished Service Awards

Every year CMDA Canada awards Distinguished Service Awards to two members who have excelled as […]

Annual General Meeting

CMDA Canada’s Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday, May 30th, 2020 via ZOOM. All […]

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