Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Below are some of the excellent upcoming events from CMDA Canada and our colleagues. To learn more, click the register now button.

Extending Your Roots in a Dry Season: Finding Your Resilience in Adverse Circumstances – Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals (Dec 4)

REGISTER to join us on December 4, 2023 for a presentation from Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals.

It can be challenging to maintain your true identity in God in the world of Canadian health and dental care. Some patients, colleagues, bureaucrats, and regulators can focus on what you do for them and not recognize your unique and valuable identity in God. Changes in Canadian society mean that someone in your role can be expected to do things that directly oppose your core beliefs.

The challenging circumstances of daily life are opportunities for growth in trust in God and not a reason to get discouraged.

How can we learn to depend on God for our life and purpose?

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2023 Conference

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