We launched our brand new Summer Devotional Series on July 17 featuring CMDA Canada staff from across the country. Every Friday for seven weeks we’ll be offering a NEW 10 minute devotional any time after 12pm ET on YouTube, Facebook and our Podcast. The YouTube playlist of this series of devotionals is below. These devotionals are just the right length to be included in your personal prayer.

CMDA Canada’s 2020 Easter Devotional series featured a variety of members. Each devotional was unique in its content and the speaker’s own style. Below is a playlist of the devotionals on YouTube from newest to oldest. You can also listen to them in audio only format on our podcast (you can also find out podcast on Apple Podcasts as CMDA Canada Podcast).

The Corruption of Medicine by Secularism

Winston Dykeman As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we have been reprinting articles from […]

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Movie Review: Unplanned

Unplanned: an Honest, Accurate and Persuasive Appeal to Stop the Killing Theodore K Fenske As […]

2020 Conference Cancelled, AGM Online

As the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, we have made the difficult decision to […]

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Private: 2021 Student Leaders Conference

Every year, CMDA Canada hosts a Student Leaders Conference for students who are identified by […]