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The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Canadian Dental Association (CDA) help you become a better professional physician or dentist. Your local fellowship of believers (church) facilitates your Christian character development. Who can you turn to for assistance in integrating both your spiritual and professional journeys? More than 30 local CMDA Canada groups meet in various regions of Canada to minister to the needs of Christian physicians, dentists and students, and to discuss the application of materials that uphold an explicitly Christian view of medicine and dentistry.


1. BE PART OF A NATIONAL MOVEMENT: CMDA Canada is the largest community of Christian doctors, dentists, and students in Canada. Membership in this unique community will connect you with a nation-wide network of like-minded practitioners and students.

2. GET ACCESS TO TOOLS AND RESOURCES: Through CMDA Canada, you’ll access resources that will help you grow and flourish as a doctor, dentist or student and will equip you to integrate your faith and ethics in your practice.

3. INFLUENCE NATIONAL CONVERSATIONS: As a member of CMDA Canada, you can be part of a collective voice to help shape medical and dental care in Canada through public advocacy.

4. SUPPORT CAMPUS MINISTRY: By supporting CMDA Canada, you help us provide resources and equip local volunteers who are giving much needed support and mentoring to student members. CMDA Canada is committed to serving students on 14 campuses across Canada..

5. MAKE AN IMPACT IN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY: As a member CMDA Canada, you will be connected with information about a wide variety of mission opportunities for doctors, dentists and students.

Full-Time Members

Those in full time practice (after their first three years post residency or dental graduation)

Part-Time Members

Those who practice part time or who are semi-retired

Retired Members

Those who have retired, international graduates, and also those in the first three years of practice

Resident Members

Those in residency or doing fellowships

Student & Missionary Members

For medical and dental students and those engaged in long term mission work


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