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FOCUS Magazine

FOCUS Magazine is a publication of the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Canada (CMDA Canada) which has a Statement of Faith that holds to an orthodox Christian understanding of Jesus Christ and essential biblical truths.

Our readers are students, practitioners, retired health care professionals and others concerned with contemporary issues relating to Christianity and health care.

The purpose of FOCUS is to act as a forum in which Christian health care professionals may exchange information and experiences to encourage one another in the integration of their Christian faith and practice.

Proposals for Submissions to FOCUS

Please read our Guidelines for Submissions and submit proposals via email to our Assistant Editor Stephanie Potter.

Welcoming the Stranger

Welcoming the Stranger David W. Shenk Originally appeared in the April 2016 issue of FOCUS […]

Learning to Love

Learning to Love – An Invitation to Social Holiness Gordon T Smith Originally published in […]

Mediating the Transcendent

Mediating the Transcendent – Practitioner as Priest E. Janet Warren Originally published in FOCUS Magazine […]

The Advent of Ethical Imperialism in Healthcare

The Advent of Ethical Imperialism in Healthcare Stephen J Genuis Originally published in FOCUS in November […]

Covenant and Ethics

Covenant and Ethics – Working out God’s Kingdom in Medicine James J Rusthoven Originally published March […]

The Physician’s Lament

This article originally appeared in the June 1991 issue of FOCUS. When our editorial team […]

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2021 Student Leaders Conference

Every year, CMDA Canada hosts a Student Leaders Conference for students who are identified by […]