Every year, CMDA Canada hosts a special Student Leaders Conference (SLC). Our goal is to continue the work of making disciples and helping to form leaders for the unique mission of CMDA Canada.

The SLC is a completed sponsored event for successful applicants. This sponsorship covers travel, meals during the conference, and the expense for the sessions.

Our learning objectives for attendees are that they will leave the SLC able to:

  • Understand the mission, objectives and strategies of CMDA Canada;
  • Be able to witness the good news of Jesus Christ to a patient or colleague (Witness);
  • Understand how CMDA Canada assists members to participate in missions, both in Canada and elsewhere (Serve); and
  • Develop a personal plan for spiritual growth during medical school and beyond (Grow).

Our goal is form leaders who can assist fellow members of CMDA Canada be able to witness, serve and grow in their schools and in their practices.