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Conference Topics

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Conference Topics

Please find below a list of the 2021 Joint CMDA Canada and CFCPS National Conference’s plenaries, special presentations and workshops.

Plenary 1: Shining Like Stars in Adversity when Society’s Foundations Crumble 

Rev Jamal Kimbanga

Pastor Kimbanga presents biblical wisdom for a very challenging time. He encourages us to be brave in the midst of adversity. He urges us to follow the example of King David living in complete reliance on the covenant God has made with each of us. 

GroupLink Questions:

What are some of the challenges to Christian faith for Canadian health care professionals?

Share stories of people who have stood up to pressure to conform to societies norms that were contrary to Christian values. 

What is the secret to keeping the Christian faith in these challenging times?

Plenary 2: A Scriptural View of Human Well-Being: A Non-Reductionist Approach

Rev Joe Boot

Pastor Joe Boot speaks out about the modern tendency to a reductionist view of the human person. Issues like abortion, euthanasia and transgender ideology plainly demonstrate that medicine is an unwilling battleground over the intrinsic value and sacredness of the human person.

GroupLink Questions: 

Can you think of examples in your own practice that demonstrated that the intrinsic sacredness of the human person is being devalued in our culture? 

Which aspects of the human person have become the most disrespected?

How has this affected you personally? What have you done?

Plenary 3: Idol Thoughts

Rev Denis Lemieux

With so much chaos surrounding us, it can be challenging to keep our minds on Christ. Fr. Denis lives a contemplative life in a religious community in Combermere, ON. In this plenary, he offers us ancient Christian spiritual disciplines that will help us reclaim our minds and hearts for the Lord. 

GroupLink Questions:

What sort of things distract you the most from recognizing that you are in God’s presence at all times?

Which strategies offer by Fr. Denis do you think would be most helpful to you? 

Were there any strategies that have helped you that Fr. Denis did not mention?

Plenary 4: Conscience Update 

Sean Murphy & Larry Worthen

Sean and Larry will provide a summary of the latest information on conscience issues across Canada. 

GroupLink Questions:

What are the main challenges to conscience rights in Canada today? 

What can we do about it? 

Plenary 5: In God’s Hands – Surrendering Control to Gain our Peace

Dr David Deane & Rev Dr Cheryl Ann Beals

This exciting tag team blends the best in systematic, historical and pastoral theology in one presentation. In two very distinctive styles we are invited to try new Christian ways of thinking and feeling about the pandemic. This final plenary is designed to give you a spiritual lift as you head back to everyday life. 

GroupLink Questions:

Do you feel closer to God, further away or about the same as you were before COVID-19 started? 

What contributed to that? 

What are the spiritual lessons you have learned through the COVID-19 experience? 

Workshop sessions

A. Enough Talk, More Action – Passing Laws that Save Lives

Stephanie Fennelly

This workshop will help participants understand abortion laws in Canada as compared to other countries, and to engage in the work of offering more protection, support and resources for girls, women and the pre-born. 

B. Providing Hope in Times of Hopelessness Rev Felix Kusamba & Rev Regula Brandle

These chaplains will help us understand the importance of bringing hope to patient’s lives, and lead a discussion of helpful strategies that can be used when being present to the vulnerable. 

C. Financial Stewardship At all STages of life

Catherine Le

Catherine Le will discuss practical tools to regain control over finances so that participants can be more content and empowered to live generously.

D. Can a secular administration provide space for Christian physicians to be respected? 

Dr John Patrick  

In his inimitable fashion, Dr Patrick will treat controversial topics such as freedom of speech in medicine, the shortcomings of government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and other topics of interest.  This workshop has a “no snooze” guarantee! 

E. Comprehensive Care for Patients with Serious Illnesses: a Palliative Approach

Dr Leonie Herx, Dr. Margaret Cottle

& Dr. John Scott

These three doctors are leaders in palliative care in Canada. They will define what constitutes a palliative approach to care which will include the concept of Total Pain and how to apply it to various patients. They will discuss strategies for dealing with demoralization and moral distress when treating patients with serious illnesses. They will also discuss sensitive and respectful approaches to address requests for hastened death.  

F. Managing Differing Views of Human Sexuality in the Physician’s Practice

Dr Dan Reilly

Differing views on human sexuality may lead patients to request treatments that their physician determines is not consistent with their fiduciary duty to the patient. This session will explore how views of human sexuality are formed and how conflicts between physicians and patients can be avoided and managed.

G. Building a Faith-based Medical Practice

Dr Chris Le 

Dr. Le is an early-career family physician who started his family medicine practice in a fee-for-service clinic located near Edmonton’s inner city. This will be an interactive session in which participants discuss how our faith can be expressed in medical practice.

H. Staying Human in the Digital Age 

Rev Denis Lemieux

Fr. Denis will explore the essential aspects of our human vocation as imago dei and discuss the subtle impact of information technology on relationship, capacity for silence and empathy. Participants will discuss strategies to ensure that IT use does not impede spiritual growth. 

I. Mental Health and COVID-19: From Languishing to depression and everything in between

Dr Tim Lau 

With the worst of the third wave now behind us, we are beginning to look forward. But for some, the problems of the pandemic aren’t fading. Whether or not it is the effects of school closures, child care, the loss of revenue for private business, or the loss of lifesavings, we will continue to struggle with the effects of this in the months and years ahead, particularly made manifest in mental health problems that lie below the surface. What do we know about the mental health effects of the pandemic? What can be done to cope and build resiliency during these unprecedented times?

J. Reclaiming the Priestly Role of Medicine: living out our Christian calling in day-to-day clinical practice

Dr Theodore K. Fenske 

Dr. Fenske describes how he uses the gospel narrative as a standard to discern the counter narratives operating in health care, and as a source of wisdom to inform patient management. He also discusses spiritual disciplines that can keep us focused on Christ.

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